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Face your fear straight ahead

What is your biggest fear? sickness, marriage, parenting, career? mine was going broke. At some point in my life I have a $5 in my bank account with a baby to feed and wife to cover.

Fast forward 6 years later, I am sitting where I thought I would never imagine before, a good job, family and on route to recover my life. How do I get to this point? Solid faith that I knew the best is yet to come.

I’ve disappointed many people and friends who put their trust in me so many years ago, one thing that I learned is, going under reveals not just who is the real you but also who is the real friends you got.

When I encounter the moment of realizing I am about to going broke, I felt the deepest fear that I have never felt before, the uncertainty of many things and etc. Then I woke up and realize God will not bring you to a situation where He did not safeguard you. with that, I slowly pickup myself from the pieces and start over. Took so many pain over a long period of time but again that was the price to pay. I learned that fear will only win over your thought if only you allow it.

If you are in that specific moment, keep in mind that this is not the end of the line, there is always an opportunity to recover if you are willing to face the fear and pay the price of your mistake. Move on, it’s just a failure. Learn from it and walkaway with confidence

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Published by Ady Delnov

Rock bottom is a beautiful place to start

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