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What a mess

Do you know what is the price for a 30 years old house made of woods and wreck over time and seasons? most probably ZERO!

But one thing that I learn today from one of my favorite Pastor, John Gray, That God value you beyond your current value! It means if you are wreck now, the good news is He is the God that able to fix you and invest in you  for your future value!

What the devil wanted you to have in your mind is “It’s over” “You are worthless” ‘The end of the line” which is a BIG FAT LIE. The Bible has been so clear about the things God was able to do to people with a wreck background. There is no such a thing that God were unable to fix, the question is will you let Him fix you?

Fixing involve pain and agony that you can’t escape, The truth is through that specific pain, He is restoring your life for the future value. So if you are in a mess now, keep in mind that there someone out there who constantly in search to invest in your life for your future valuation.

Published by Ady Delnov

Rock bottom is a beautiful place to start

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