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Failure is the moment to pause for a cause

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This week we all saddened by the tragic crash of flight JT610 Lion air Indonesia, a tragic loss of 189 souls on-board in the morning of 29 October 2018. Many believed that this was a tragedy waiting to happen since a long time with all the behavior that this airline management shows during all of their “near miss”, “small incidents” and many delays event.

Again and again, the airline failed, failed to deliver a parents meeting their children who wait at he arrival gates on the other end, failed to safely transport a mom who bring along her baby for probably the baby first flight, failed to show a sincere apologies to all the family at first instance and choose to -first and above all- defend their standard operating procedures by saying based on the “factory guidance” has conducted a repair and maintenance process when the plane arrived at Jakarta the night before with a “error report ” from the previous flight crew who bring the plane from Bali to Jakarta.

For whatever reason, someone in their command structure has failed the trust of 189 lives who purchase their faithful tickets with a believe that they would landed safely at their destination. If I were the owner of that airline, the best thing to say is ” I deeply regret the lost of your loved ones during one of our flight, I apologies that we have failed – period –

Putting all of that into perspective let’s switch the mode first, let’s talk about failure. as the Lion Air has failed, we can also fail in many ways. But let me tell you one thing straight off the bat, failing is not always the end of everything. From my personal experience, failing has a whole different dimension of meaning. For me, failing is a moment to pause.

It is a moment to ask a questions to yourself about your value, your goals, your motivation, what drives your action and most importantly why you do the things that failed.

Let the battle between your heart and mind begin! Whose fault it is? is it the mind or the heart that was the culprit? If the heart is the one responsible check your motivation, check your values, re-check your objectives in doing the things that has failed. If the mind is responsible, check your methods, check your ways in doing things, check your behavior!

At some point you – If you are able to let all of that sink in and find the answers- will have the opportunity to bounce back and re-do everything this time with a better heart and mind.

Why it has to involve heart and mind, because without it it will become impossible for passion to show up in your actions. You’ll need a cause to start anything, but passion will be the things you need most when things get tough.

Let the Lion air management sink this incident in their heart and mind, and battle their heart and mind on it. Are you doing everything you can to make profit and valued people lives or for you all the passenger was just a numbers in your book report?

Dedicated to all the families that lost their loved ones in Flight JT610

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