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The mentality

I saw the news today of my hometown Jakarta which now officially having MRT (Mass Rapid Transportation) system kick off after being inaugurated by President Jokowi.

A truly remarkable achievement if we look on the situation that the citizens of Jakarta is facing day-by-day just to survive from its horrific traffic.

But at the same time the press was having its time when the photos of Jakarta’s people behavior went viral during the trial phase. People were eating at the waiting platform, hanging by the hand grip inside MRT and play with it, standing in the MRT chair and etc.

A sad reality to know that it is easier to bring people out of poverty compare to try bring poverty out of them (their mentality, head and state of mind).

Homework for the current provincial government on how solve the situation. Nevertheless it is a gigantic step forward toward a better future for the city. It is yet to be seen though how far this new public facility could impact one of Jakarta’s problem – traffic.

Published by Ady Delnov

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