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The art of saying enough

Simply put you’ll never understand the concept of “enough” when you never learn to teach yourself the word “Grateful”. I was lucky enough to be able to see what kind of impact of human ‘greed’ can damage a person, family and even community’s life.

Here is some of my take on the issue based on my personal experience (which I was included in the category of people who had enough back in the days).

  1. The root of all evil was, is and will always be for the love of money. You will end up in pursuit of money as it will become the goal of your life without even thinking that the time you spent on pursuing money is not equal to the level of how you can enjoy the life you already have in your hand now. Human will always think that happiness come from having money/asset without trying to think that why you need those amount of money in the first place.
  2. Your personal life and family life will be the first victim of your pursuit of money. The closest person in your inner circle should be the reason why you work so hard in the first place and this is a Biblical concept. But then when you work extra miles without actually sharing your life with your closest circles, what is the meaning of that pursuit in the end? for who then all the efforts? At this stage it is clear enough we can safely say all of these efforts are for “Me”.
  3. The reason on why is it so hard to say enough is usually because you see other people having the privilege to enjoy the things you don’t have. This is exactly where the toxic level of pursuing money deliver its killer blow. Remember that each person has their own journey and achievement in life. You will never compare your reward with their struggle. Stop comparing yourself with others!
  4. Learn to enjoy where you are, what you have with the one you loved! This is the key to master the art of saying “Enough”.

Published by Ady Delnov

Rock bottom is a beautiful place to start

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